Mattei's high-quality filters each serve a specific function in order to enhance air purification operations, like anti-dust or oil-removing filters.

Our filters can be used in compressors with air flows from 0.5 to 185 m3/min and pressures up to 16 bar. They can be used as adsorption dryers pre-filters for coating plants, compressed air tools and precision pneumatic controls.

With Mattei's filters, it is possible to produce compressed air free of impurities and therefore suitable in applications where the level of air purity is essential.

Filter Selection

  • C4 GRADE – Anti-Dust Filter: Anti-dust filter for the removal of solid particles up to 25 micron. Ideal as initial pre-filtering of a plant where the compressed air is produced by compressors without effective filtering and oil-removing system. Maximum operating temperature is 100°C.
  • C3 GRADE – Pre-Filter: Pre-filter capable of trapping solid particles larger than 5 micron and liquid particles up to 5 mg/m3. Ideal for initial protection of a plant or refrigeration dryer, for all general applications involving pneumatic devices, pre-filter for “C2” filters, and as post-filter for adsorption dryers. Maximum operating temperature is 100°C.
  • C2 GRADE – Oil-Removing Filter: Coalescing filter able to trap solid particles up to 1 micron and liquid particles up to 0.1 mg/m3. Particularly suitable for considerable oil removals. Maximum operating temperature is 100°C.
  • C1 GRADE – Oil-Removing Filter: Coalescing filter able to trap solid particles up to 0.1 micron and liquid particles up to 0.01 mg/m3. This type of filter is required if an effective 99.99% oil-removal is necessary, in order to supply compressed air technically free from oil. Maximum operating temperature is 100°C.
  • CC GRADE – Activated Charcoal Filter: This filter is used to eliminate vapors and oil odors, and in the final compressed air treatment. The filtering element is formed of activated charcoal, externally supported by a metal mesh. By exploiting the adsorption principle, the filter traps vapors and any odors derived from the oil-removing stage. This filter must be preceded by a C1 grade filter. Maximum operating temperature is 60°C.

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News and articles

BEKOMAT Condensate Drains

We can deliver complete BEKOMAT electronically level-controlled condensate drains and service kits as well. The BEKOMAT range provides the 12, 13, 14 and 16 standard drains for virtually every application, which are not just the correct solution, rather more also the most suitable low-energy solution. The integrated capacitive sensor for level-controlled condensate discharge helps save energy and enhances efficiency – which is what you would expect from a BEKOMAT.

Overhaul of ABC HORIZON 1400

The regular maintenance was carried out in 2 consecutive years by the team of TUNGS-STAR on an ABC Horizon 1400 compressor at Plastipak Romania SRL in Urlati. The 40 bar PET compressor is powered by a 280 kW motor equipped with VSD. It has 3 stages with 4 horizontally opposed cylinders.

New industrial air equipment

New 15 kW MATTEI compressor was installed next to an old 7.5 kW Mattei compressor to assure the increased production of a local company.
TUNGS-STAR is responsable for providing solutions and maintenance for the industrial air system.