Valve Reconditioning

For all types of compressor valves.

A piston compressor is only as good as its suction and delivery valves. If the valves are not in first-class condition the compressor becomes inefficient and operating costs increase.
The cost-effective solution to this problem is to send your valves to Tungs-Star Compression for inspection and repair.

Tungs-Star Compression will refurbish and recondition your valves to original specification at a fraction of the cost of new valves.

  • Savings in excess of 60% can be achieved
  • Quality-assured reconditioned valves are guaranteed "AS NEW" 
  • Valve plate, coil springs and delivery valve studs are scrapped and are never re-used 
  • If any major components need replacement, the customer is consulted before proceeding

Cook Compression know-how and spare parts guarantees that
the service life of a reconditioned valve is equivalent
to that of a brand-new valve operating in similar conditions.

Reconditioning Process

Valves are degreased and stripped into component parts for inspection. Seats and guards are processed by shot peening to remove all traces of foreign deposits. Remaining parts are inspected and approved for further service. All re-usable internal moving parts are thoroughly cleaned in polishing machines. Damaged valve seats and guards are re-machined within original manufacturers’ tolerances to maintain their design performance characteristics. All valve seat sealing faces are lapped to stringent, approved standards to ensure perfect finish and flatness. Seats and guards are electroplated in a protective zinc passivate finish if necessary. The complete refurbished valve is assembled and given its final inspection and test before dispatch.



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News and articles

Overhaul of ABC HORIZON 1400

The regular maintenance was carried out in 2 consecutive years by the team of TUNGS-STAR on an ABC Horizon 1400 compressor at Plastipak Romania SRL in Urlati. The 40 bar PET compressor is powered by a 280 kW motor equipped with VSD. It has 3 stages with 4 horizontally opposed cylinders.

New industrial air equipment

New 15 kW MATTEI compressor was installed next to an old 7.5 kW Mattei compressor to assure the increased production of a local company.
TUNGS-STAR is responsable for providing solutions and maintenance for the industrial air system.

ABC Compressors

Staring with October 2019 Our Company officially become the partenr of ABC COMPRESSORS. Arizaga, Bastarrica y Cía, S.A. from Spain.

Since its foundation in 1943, ABC has provided the most reliable compressors for different applications. Its global orientation and the commitment for growth was shown from its early exports in the 50’s to its latest geographical expansion, having delivered compressors in more than 120 countries.