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Valve Repair

Tungs-Star Compression will refurbish and recondition your valves to original specification at a fraction of the cost of new valves. Our partner, Cook Compression manufactures all OEM valves and parts so that they are 100% interchangeable.

  • Savings in excess of 60% can be achieved
  • Quality-assured reconditioned valves are guaranteed "AS NEW"
  • Valve plate, coil springs and delivery valve studs are scrapped and are never re-used
  • If any major components need replacing, the customer is consulted before proceeding


Rod Rings

Our partner, Cook Compression is the leader in rod ring technology, with more products in more applications than any other sealing component provider.

  • Sealing rings are never reused, they are delivered brand new!
  • A complete selection of materials, from bronze to high-performance non-metallics, dramatically improves durability in the most demanding applications.
  • Packing cases can be re-machined and fully or partially reused


Piston & Rider Rings

Our partner, Cook Compression designs and manufactures precision-made piston ring seals and rider rings.
Ring geometry, features, dimensions and materials are custom-engineered to reduce loads and provide maximum service life.
Ring designs and materials are validated through our in-house engineering analyses, materials laboratory and test compressors.


Bushes & More ...

Wide range of bushes finished to the final quota or blanks.
Composite materials up to 3 layers.
Bimetallic bushes.

In situations where the equipment cannot be safely or cost-effectively restored to OEM or better condition, we offer a full line of quality Cook-manufactured parts.
All services and components are backed by complete warranties for materials and workmanship.

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News and articles

COOK Compression

Starting with June 2016 Our company officially become the partner of Cook Compression.

Cook Compression views compressor performance the way you do...
It's not about maintenance. It's about improvement.


Starting with September 2015 Our company officially become the partner of Ganzair Compressortechnics Llc.

The brand name of GANZ has become one of the most significant trademarks of the Hungarian industry. Since their foundation in 1849, GANZ companies have been manufacturing compressors, pumps, turbines, locomotives, trams, trolleybuses, bridges, cranes, ships, transformers, motors and a wide range of other machinery products for decades.