Refurbished compressors

Tungs-Star Compression is making capital repairs and completely refurbishes used compressor units.

Based on the compressor status the following works are performed:

  • Cleaning, painting
  • Capital repair
  • Check/change subsystems
  • Check/change electrical systems
  • Testrun (pressure and reliability)

We also refurbish:

  • Dryers (Refrigeration, adsorbtion)
  • Filtering units
  • Separators
  • Control units

Compressor types:

  • Rotary vane
  • Screws
  • Pistons

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ISO 9001:2015

From now on our company is certified for engineering, sale, installation, commissioning and service for industrial technical equipment which has implemented and maintains a quality management system which fulfills the requirements of the standard 
SR EN ISO 9001:2015


With the recently upgraded website we introduced a new function called Compressor Configurator. With this utility you can choose step by step your future compressor and accessories which best fit your needs:

  1. Choose compressor
  2. Select Variants and Accessories
  3. Send Inquiry


Check out our Downloads section where you can find:

  • Products and services related Brochures
  • Portfolio, Certificates
  • Process descriptions