Flow|Debit: 1.83 m3/min
Power|Putere: 15.00 kW
Max. pressure|Presiune max: 13.00 BarG
Speed: fixed

Sound Pressure Level: 65.00 dB(A)
Dimensions|Dimensiuni: 1250x610x1040 mm
Weight|Masa: 260.00 kg
!Dimensions and weight can vary for variants and accessories!
!Dimensiunile şi masa se pot modifica în funcţie de variantă şi accesorii!

Type|Tip: Rotary vane
Manufacturer|Fabricant: Mattei


Rotary Vane Compressor Operating Principle
Download | Descarcă
pdf - 774.79 KB
Mattei Air Center AC 7-15 Broschure EN
Download | Descarcă
pdf - 1.31 MB
Mattei Air Center Broschure EN
Download | Descarcă
pdf - 3.2 MB


Integrated Refrigeration Dryer

Integrates a refrigerated dryer into cabinet. Reduces installation costs and space requirements.
Uscător prin răcire integrat.

Receiver | Recipient

Heaters Kit | Încălzire

Upgrade for outdoor use - Totaly Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor
Pachet pentru exterior

Intake filt. | Filtru asp.

Heavy-duty high efficiency air intake filter is an option for dirty, dusty environments. Removes solid particles > 3μ with a filtering efficiency up to 99%.
Este o alegere recomandată pentru medii cu praf. Filtrează particulele > 3μ cu o eficienţă de 99%

Condensate drain and separator | Separator de condens

The kit is composed of a condensate separator and a timed electronic drain.
Separator de condens cu timer electronic de evacuare

Maestro Expansion Kit

It allows the remote signaling of on/off controls by means of volt free contacts and hourly programming. If more compressors are connected (max. 4), it allows the sequence management.
Posibilitate de control de la distanţă, programare temporizată şi sincronizare cu alte compresoare.

Maestro converting serial board

It allows the communication with the protocol Modbus.
Posibilitate de comunicare prin Modbus.

Soundproofing Intake Airduct

Fitted externally to the intake end of the cabinet. Reduces the sound pressure level by about 3 dB(A).
Instalat în partea de aspiraţie a cabinetului, reduce nivelul de zgomot cu aprox. 3 dB(A).

External Refrigeration Dryer | Uscător prin refrigerare

Refrigeration dryers are based on the principle of condensation by compressed air cooling, through a refrigeration circuit. 
Uscătoarele prin refrigerare se bazează pe principiul condensării prin răcire a aerului comprimat.

Detalii | Details

External Adsorption Dryer | Uscător prin adsorbţie

Desiccant material is used to attracts the water from the compressed air via adsorbtion.
Un materialul deshidratant este folosit pentru a atrage apa din aerul comprimat prin adsorbție.

Detalii | Details

C4 - Anti-Dust Filter | Filtru anti-praf

Solids | solide > 25 micron

Detalii | Details

C3 - Pre-Filter | Pre-filtru

Solids | solide > 5 micron
Liquid | lichide > 5 mg/m3

Detalii | Details

C2 - Oil-Removing Filter | Filtru de îndepărtare a uleiului

Solids | solide > 1 micron
Liquid | lichide > 0.1 mg/m3

Detalii | Details

C1 - Oil-Removing Filter | Filtru de îndepărtare a uleiului

Solids | solide > 0.1 micron
Liquid | lichide > 0.01 mg/m3

Detalii | Details

CC - Activated Charcoal Filter | Filtru de carbon activ



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Mattei Absolute Zero (MAZ) Oil-Free Air System

We are proud to announce MATTEI's latest innovation, the Mattei Absolute Zero (MAZ) Oil-Free Air System. The MAZ System utilizes highly advanced filtration equipment, in conjunction with a Mattei oil-lubricated compressor, to generate oil-free air that meets ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 0 or ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 1 standards.
With the Mattei Absolute Zero (MAZ) System, companies can achieve oil-free air, without the capital expense and high maintenance costs of oil-free compressors.

Mattei Compressors

MetteiStaring with November 2015 Our Company officially become the partenr of ING. ENEA MATTEI S.P.A. from Italy.

For more than a century, Ing. Enea Mattei S.p.A. has pioneered the development of rotary vane compressors. Today, we continue to strive to enhance our proprietary rotary vane technology in order to provide customers with the best products available.