Bimetallic sliding bearings with AlSn

Bimetallic thin walled bearing shells with AlSn slide layer.

A20 material consists of two metal layers  the steel base is surfaced with the slide lining material AlSn20Cu1. The assembly is ideally suited for use in hydrodynamic lubrication condition for static and dynamic load. The material having the good slide behaviours exhibits both good fatigue strength and good corrosion resistance. In the limiting friction conditions the material shows good working adaptation. 

The face hardening of the pin improves the life service. A heat treatment above 52 HRc is recommended. Slide bearings with A20 lining are designed for pins ranging in size from 20mm to 200 mm. Due to their excellent behaviour they are used in slide fits of gasoline and Diesel engines.

Ident. mark of TRIBOMETAL A20
Slide lining Aluminium-tin AlSn20Cu1
Steel base low - carbon steel
Production method cladding at slide lining on the steel base
Using shells, wrapped bushes, thrust bearings
Lining Hardness HV100 30-42
Max. operating temperature 160 Co

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